While we remain humble performers and troubadours, people do sing our praise.


Here are just a few of the many kind things our patrons
have to say about The Moving Company.


On Tartuffe

“Fascinatingly sinister.”

“A sophisticated rendering of Molière's comedy that understands just how close a smile is to a frown.”

L.A. Times



On Out of the Pan Into the Fire

"With all this natural comic energy at work, the most astonishing thing about 'Out of the Pan' is how genuine the pathos feels."

Star Tribune


“A fairy tale treat.”

Twin Cities Daily Planet



On Come Hell and High Water

"Serrand and his collaborators are working at a high level of artistry and sophistication, and if 'Come Hell and High Water' brims with anything, it does so with grace and beauty.”

Pioneer Press



On For Sale

“That’s where Moving Company always takes us in the pieces they develop: to the edge where desperate-but-still-trying teeters… I love that they never play it safe.”

How Was the Show



On Werther and Lotte

"Overall this is an inspired creation by some extravagantly talented artists that cuts away the excesses of Goethe's original work to reveal its heart.”

Star Tribune



On The War Within/All’s Fair

"'The War Within' has the ability to make you laugh at its goofiness and to twist your brain around its intellectual absurdities. It drapes familiarity with farce and maybe will goad you to think a little bit ... or a little bit differently. And that's not a bad night at the theater.”

Pioneer Press